Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors

Read guidelines thoroughly. Papers should follow submission guidelines of our journal.

Papers should be submitted electronically to

Manuscript has been 'spell checked' and 'grammar checked'

All references mentioned in the Reference List are cited in the text, and vice versa

Upon receipt of the paper, a confirmation e-mail will be sent electronically.

1- All manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word 2007 (or upper) format with 1 line spacing.

2- Please use 12- point Times New Roman or Similar font. Margins should be 3-centimeters on the top, bottom, and sides. 

3- All papers must include an abstract (150-250 words) with Keywords (about five words) and JEL Classification.

Fully reference all prior work on the same subject and compare your paper to that work.

4- Formulas if any should be typed in Microsoft Equation 3.0.

5- APA standard should be used for the References format.


Some examples for References format (APA Standard):


1) Articles:

Aldemir, Ş. (2007). The Impacts of Exchange Rates on Import Prices in Turkish Economy: 1988- 2004. International Economic and Foreign Trade Policies, 1, 53-57.


   If you don’t have enough information of an article or a book …, please write the link after “Retrieved from”. For discussion papers, working papers…, you should write the link too. Examples:


Carzonery, M., Cumby, R., & Diba, B. (1998). Is the Price Level Determined by the Need of Fiscal Solvency? NBER Working Paper, 6471, Retrieved from


2)  Books

Baltagi, B. H. (2008). Econometric Analysis of Panel Data. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


3)  Master's Thesis and Doctoral dissertation

Unpublished master’s thesis:

Swinton, M. A. (1984).  Family Stress in Phenylketonuria (Unpublished Master's Thesis). University of Auckland, New Zealand.




Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation

Murray, B. P. (2008). Prior knowledge, two teaching approaches for metacognition: Main idea and summarization strategies in reading (Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation), New York Fordham University.


 4)   Conferences

Hughes, H. (2002). Information Literacy with an International Focus. In K. Appleton, C. Macpherson, & D. Orr (Eds.), International Lifelong Learning Conference: Refereed papers from the 2nd International Lifelong Learning Conference,Rockhampton: Central Queensland University Press.


5)  Websites

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2011). Australia's health 2004. Retrieved from


 6)     Online Databases of Dictionaries

Endep(2016). In MIMS online. Retrieved February 2, 2016, from


* If you have repetitive writer(s) of books or articles…, please use ten space lines instead of the name of repetitive writers:


Hahn, E., Michele, C. Z., & Marcelo, S. (2007). Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Emerging Markets. ECB, Working Paper, 739, Retrieved from