Coronavirus and Emergence of an Extraordinary Political Economy: editorial note

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran. Iran


Coronavirus, or Covid-19 appeared in a forestry region in China in December 2019 then spread rapidly in 216 countries. While finalizing this note, July first, 2020, this virus had killed about 508000 and infected about 10400000 as well. The speed of spreading such virus is so rapid, the domain of its effectiveness is so huge, and the impacts of that are so broad, that this work can only point out to the main topics of this unprecedented episode. In other words, mentioning the details and the magnitudes of this phenomenon is not affordable in this short article. Consequently, this work is going to highlight main dimensions, key impacts, some routes, and few remedies related to such a bizarre and weird event.