Purpose and Scope of the Journal

 International Journal of New Political Economy is published by Shahid Beheshti University. The aim of this journal is to provide a forum for economists, politicians and other diciplines which are concerned to political economy including law, sociology and the like to publish their theoretical and practical research in the field of economics and politics and political economy.

Some influential issues which deal with the daily life of a citizen and are simultaneously considered as political economy loaded issues are as the following subject matters:

  • Public sector economics;
  • Welfare state;
  • Economic wellbeing;
  • Social welfare;
  • Optimum management;
  • Good governance;
  • Public policy;
  • Civil rights, human rights, and property rights;
  • The performance of the legal system;
  • Efficient taxing;
  • Globalization;
  • Global management and the like
  • Social economics, Social Justice, social work
  • Cognitive economics ,psychology of economics